Yesterday I was sitting in the coffee house enjoying my sip of coffee, and I saw the group of college going girls came in there. All were wearing an orange shade of lipstick and I was mesmerized by their look and was staring at them like an idiot.  😀 Then I regain my consciousness and thought came into my mind about this interesting topic “How to carry Orange lipstick with various outfits”. So here I am sharing my thoughts about certain colors (dresses/outfits) that will pop up your orange lips.

Here are some colors that enhances your bright and tangy orange lips!


Blue always highlights the orange color. Aqua blue, royal blue or light blue, any shade can pop up your orange lips.

Blue | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion


White is an incredible color that goes with all the hues like red, neon pink and of course orange too so you can wear this color outfit without any doubts creating nuisance in your head.

White | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion


A sensuous black outfit with orange tint of lips… Oooh Lala you will make people going mad on you. This is the hottest combination ladies. Go for it! 😉

Black | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion


Another happening color after black and white is grey. Carry a casual grey attire with your orange lipgloss and get the chic look.

Grey | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion


A combo of yellow and orange is a sleek touch that gives you a peculiar look.

Yellow | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Olive Green

My personal favorite is olive green as it flaunts the orange hue and also suits to all the skin tones.

Olive Green | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Try these colors with your orange lipstick and tell me which color you’ve like the most!