There is no doubt that Blake Lively is the Ultimate Fashion Queen. Whatever she wears becomes a Fashion Statement. Personally speaking, I am a huge fan of her styling and follow her daily. I am flat on the way she carries herself with such a grace that I never be able to do so. I tried many times but failed miserably then I did the close study on how she carries herself and got to know some points which I would definitely share with you. If you want to acquire her look then do follow these simple steps and become like her.

The steps to acquire Blake Lively’s look are as follows:

  • Confidence: Hats off to her confidence man. She wears any attire with damn high confidence that the outfit have to look better. If you get that confidence in you then you will be the next Blake Lively.
  • Minimal Makeup: She knew that heavy makeup will ruin her beauty so instead of opting for heavy makeup, she goes for minimal one. Note it down ladies, don’t go for heavy makeup!
  • Smile: Smile is the focal point for her gorgeous look. She have down pat this and flaunts her smile everytime making people go crazy for her. I hope you get what I am saying 😉 Smile… Smile… and Smileee… 🙂
  • Keep It Simple: Ever noticed that she never wears loud outfits. Yeah she knows that Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication. You also opt for simple looks and you will be like her!

I followed all these steps and guess what I succeeded in acquiring her look. So what you’are waiting for, follow these steps and acquire Blake Lively’s look and…. Do tell me if you succeed!!

Be Fashionista!!