Big Eyes are God gifted. You are very lucky if you have the Large and round eyes. They look super stunning and add a beautiful charm to your face. Hence flaunting your big eyes will add an extra star to your charming look and your eyes will look brighter and more glamorous.

So here are some eye makeup rules for you to present your big and beautiful eyes more beautifully.

Groom Your Brows

Eyebrows play a crucial role in making your eyes more appealing. Just imagine if you’ve done full eye makeup and neglect the eyebrows… You’ll look a disaster. So trim, shape and groom your brows properly to highlight your eyes.


Take Care Of Your Eye & Surrounded Area

Lack of sleep, more strenuous work and harsh lifestyle often results in puffy swelled and wrinkled dark eyes. So take care of your eyes. Check this blog to see how to treat your puffed eyes!

Eye Premier

Never forget to apply eye concealer or primer before starting your eye makeup. It will hide your dark circles and enhance your eye look.

Eye Base | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Highlight Brow Bones

Before applying the eye shadow on your eyelids, apply the eyeshadow to your brow bones to highlight them. Use white eye shadow for this purpose as it will enhance the shine and sheen of your large eyes to a great extent.



After highlighting your brow bones, apply eye shadow. Talking about the shadow then you can opt dark or a shimmery eye shadow as it can take your big eye makeup to an all new level.

Eye Liner

In Eyeliner Techniques, you can use normal, winged or a Smokey eyeliner. You can also play with colorful eyeliner to give you a vibrant colorful appearance.

Curl and Mascara Your Eyelashes Up

Use good quality curler and curl your lashes. After this, apply the mascara to those curled lashes. One more thing I must add in this, when applying mascara, apply it on lower lash too. It gives you those large bulging and attractive eyes.

Step out confidently and make men fall for your pretty eyes!