Men fashion is limited. Unlike women, men have restricted amount of attire to wear on different instants. If I talk more specifically, then shirts, t-shirts, pants and jeans… That’s it! A man has to wear this limited stock of clothes for any gathering. And especially shirts are the one that can be worn with any bottom wear and give you the charismatic gaze. Now the question arises, what type of shirts should be there in your closet to showcase your charisma? Well for this, you need to scroll down and see the types of shirts every man should have!

The Denim Shirt

Denim, in all forms, has cemented its place within menswear. The casual material with the comfortable fit pushes the person to wear it with delight. Whether in a formal meeting or a casual get together, you can combine your denim shirt with blazer and trouser to get the “man of a girl” look.

The Denim Shirt | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Checks/Striped Shirts

This is the periodic collection in men’s fashion. Small, big or medium, any checks/striped shirts are in trend since the beginning. If you are looking for the ultimate versatility then checks or striped shirt is the awesome choice for you.

Checks/Striped Shirts | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Plain Shirts

This is my personal favorite. Whenever I see a person in a plain shirt, I can’t take eyes off him. Plain shirt when coupling with formal trouser, gives you the formal look and when combining with jeans and denim jacket then gives you the casual look. Even you can get the funky look with the plain shirt by pairing it with jeans, jackets, and muffler.

Plain Shirts | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Floral Shirts

Floral shirts are mostly worn on beaches and are somewhat less liked by people but trust me, you can attain a handsome look with floral and funky printed shirts too. Remember Leonardo Dicaprio in Romeo + Juliet… Isn’t he was looking fab in floral shirts. So you can also look fab in such shirts so try them and share your views with me 😉

Floral Shirts | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Now try these shirts and leave a comment to let me know what these shirts make you feel like and how you’ve paired them!