From the very first blog, I am saying that accessories play a very important role in making or drowning your look. You might be thinking how accessories will put a drastic impact on your look? Well for that I will say that just read this article and you will come to know how the accessory will make an impact on your persona.


Talking about handbags, then each and every single woman carries the handbag but handbags should be chosen according to your attire. Clutch, Satchel, Tote Bag, Bucket Bag, and backpacks must be in your closet to match your look.

Handbag | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion


I never step out without a scarf. It prevents from sunburn and from winters too. You must have a Sarong and a wrap in your wardrobe. Sarong has multiple uses as you all know and wrap is my personal favorite. You can wear the wrap on any outfit and you will look just magnificent.

Scarf | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion


I always say that a shoe defines a person’s personality. The first thing anyone notices in you is your footwear so never underestimate your footwear. You can refer to this blog “Types of Footwear Which Go with Every Outfit

types of footwear which go with every outfit | Fabulous flow Of Fashion

Neck Piece and Earrings

For a party it’s a bit obvious that you will wear necklace and earrings but talk for a casual style then chic pendant or funky neck-piece is a great choice. And talking about earrings then you can try simple tops or some funky earpieces.

Neck Piece and Earrings | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion


I personally prefer watch as a good accessory. It defines your sophistication so I will say that you must wear a watch in every professional, casual or a party look. Yes, you can go for different watches for the entire three different look. This will enhance your beauty.

Watch | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion


Yes, sunglasses not only adds 5th star to your look but also protect your eyes from UV rays and prevents from darkening and aging. So wear them to outshine your chic personality as well as take care of you skin.

Sunglasses | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Lastly, I would say Be the Fashionista and Go With The Fabulous Flow Of Fashion!!!

Take Care!