This is the misconception that you will only get the attention of everyone when you expose. Many ladies have this delusion and opt for tight and revealing clothes to get the sexy look. I don’t know you will agree with me or not but honestly speaking I don’t like exposing just to get that SEXY and HOT CHIC tag. You can look sexy without exposing if you keep certain things in mind while you are getting ready. So have a look on these things to spice up your presence and that too without much exposure.

Clothes To Sparkle Your Selfhood

Clothes To Sparkle Your Selfhood | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Clothes play an important role in defining your personality. So choose the clothes wisely. If you are a short-heighted girl then choose the outfit that makes you look taller and if you are bulky in size then don’t go for tight dresses instead try enhancing your curves. And also show some creativity with colors. Choose the color that suits you, if confused then refer to this blog.

Define your Waistline

Define your Waistline | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Show off your figure without showing your skin. Put on the belt or funky strap on your one piece. If you have opted for the flowy top then pair the top with fitted bottoms like pencil skirt or leggings plus the belt to showcase your curves.

Grooming and Makeup

Grooming and Makeup | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Groom yourself up wisely. Manicure, pedicure, waxing will make your appearance appealing. Remaining work your makeup will do. Choose light makeup that can be done in 5-10 minutes. Read here Everyday Makeup Tip To Get Gorgeous Look and look flawlessly sexy and alluring.

Expose Only The Right Thing

Expose Only The Right Thing | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

If you have extra fat on your thighs then exposing that will look smutty and if you have fat on waist then flaunting that will look absurd. So don’t uncover the part which is not in good shape.

Confidence Speaks a Lot

Confidence Speaks a Lot | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

I you are wearing your best attire but you are not confident then you are gone. Not a single person will call you sexy. So have confidence in what you are wearing and maintain a good body posture to highlight the confidence. And the most important thing display good manners as it shows the sense of class.

If you will keep these five points in mind then nobody can stop you from being a Sexy Lady!!