We girls love to paint our nails. From simply a plain nail paint to the intricate nailart, we canโ€™t resist ourselves to paint our nails and flaunt them. For this, we buy loads of nail polishes but we use them very seldom and this lead to the wastage of the nail polishes and most importantly our money. So why not invest in some major nail polishes which can be used very often and will look good also.

So here is the list of nail polishes that every girl should have. Scroll down to see the list.

Red Nailpaint

Red is the sexiest color and suits every skin tone. So when in confusion, wear red and flaunt your nails.

Black Nailpaint

Talking about black then I will tell you that it looks stunning. In fact, my personal favorite is Black color. I never think for a second before applying as it looks awesome on any attire.

Orange Color

If you want little change then go for an orange color of nail polish. It soothes the eyes plus looks very appealing and soothing.

Dark Blue/Navy Blue Nail Polish

If you want some funky nail paint then you can go for the blue color. I will suggest you for navy blue or dark blue colors as they are the replacement of black color.

Pink Shade Of Nailpaint

Pink color is undoubtedly a spectacular color. It not only gives you a girly look but there is much shade in pink so you can opt for any shade that suits youโ€™re the best.

Transparent Nailpaint

This is a must. If you are not in a mood of applying any color on your nails then you can put on transparent nail paint. Moreover, this is used when you apply nail art so it is a must have nail paint in your makeup kit.

Apply these nail polishes and flaunt your nails. And you can also mix and match these colors to make a nail art too. So have fun with colorful nails and look incredibly ravishing.

Take Care!