Safety pins are very important for a woman as she needs them in almost everything. It is the most important tool for them to help them in remaining a fashionista. So today I’ve come with a DIY tip to make a bracelet with these safety pins.

Bracelet | Fabulous flow Of Fashion

Scroll down to see how to make the stunning bracelet with the help of beads and safety pins.

Items Needed:

  • Safety Pins
  • Different Colored Beads
  • Elastic Band

DIY Steps of making bracelet | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion


  • Put Beads into the safety pins.
  • Repeat the step first till all the safety pins are covered with beads.
  • Now take elastic band and put the beaded safety pins into it one by one.
  • After that tie a knot into it and your bracelet is ready.


Now wear this bracelet and rock the world with your killing looks!