There is a saying that your eyes speak a lot about you. And this is true as the first thing a man notices in you is Your Eyes. The best way to define the beauty of eyes is through eyeliner. A makeup is never complete without eyeliner. Eyeliner boosts your makeup and gives you the dramatic look. So select eyeliner style according to your eye color, skin complexion and makeup theme. And most importantly your style must highlight the shape of your eyes so choose wisely.
Check out these awesome eyeliner styles that you can try to get the beautiful eyes.

Cat Eyeliner Look

Simple and Clean Natural Style

Simple and Clean Natural Style | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Winged Eyeliner

Smokey Black Eyes

Black & Blue Eyeliner With Purple Haze

Arabian Dramatic Style

You can go for any of these styles but keep in mind that you choose the right eye makeup for your face as a small change can already create a huge difference in your look.