Happy New Year Guys!
How you’re doing? Hope you have a great start of the year. 🙂 Tell me one more thing… Have you taken any New Year Resolutions? Well, to be very honest I don’t make any resolutions as I can’t keep them and many of you are like me who take resolutions every year but can’t stick to them and broke them in two to three days. But today I’ve come with some resolution that I’m really gonna follow and will suggest you also to follow these resolutions to attain a tag of a FASHION ICON!
So want to be called The Fashion Icon? Then take these resolutions. These will surely help you to stay classy and fabulous. Just scroll down to see what the resolutions are:

Stay Healthy and Fit

We all want to stay fit and healthy but exercise.. ahh can’t do… So do simple tricks to stay healthy and fit. Read the tips here.

Stay Healthy and Fit | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion
Be Confident in What You Wear

Confidence is necessary for everything you do. If you are confident enough then nobody can stop you to look classy and fabulous.

Be Confident in What You Wear | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion
Create Your Own Style Symbol

The style should not be copied, it is created and owned. So create your own style presence with these tips and tricks written in my one of the previous blog: “What Must You Do To Be Stylish?”

Pick The Right Cloth | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion
Style Your Hair With Different Hairstyles

Opt for the nice hairstyle that suits your face and enhance your persona. Girls you should learn to make at least 3-4 hairstyles that suit you so that you can make without help. And men you don’t have to worry about learning any hairstyle. Just go experimenting with your hairstyles from time to time.

Never Neglect Hair | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion
Save Money

Last but not the least. “Save Money”. You are thinking that how saving money will make you classy and fabulous. I’ll tell you… do this by mix and match your style, reuse old clothes in different ways, DIY your old tees and shirts with certain videos you can surf on Internet.


Take these resolutions and you will definitely become the Classy and Sassy You!

Take Fresh Start With This New Year… Have a great year ahead!

Love you all… Take care 🙂