Velvet was in trend when I was 8 or 9 years old. My daddy gifted me Skirt Top with Velvet Jacket. It was of the dark brown color crop top and above knee skirt of the same color plus greenish gray color jacket on which brown colored small flowers and leaves was embellished. I was crazy for that outfit. I used to love that outfit so much that I just can’t explain it. Now again velvet have come in trend so I just thought why not try velvet and make the style statement!!

Wear the dress with your choice color and length that suits you best.

Velvet Dress | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

A Little exposure is necessary for the party so gowns with the slit or backless gown or formal gown can also add charm to your look.

Velvet Gowns | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

You can also go for velvet tops as they look extra cool when combining with glittery bottoms.

Velvet Top

The party is also fun with a pleated skirt or you can also try trouser having velvet touch.

Velvet Bottoms | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Velvet shoes look stylish so you can wear the velvet stiletto or even velvet knee-boot to steal the eyes of people.

Velvet Footwear | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

The clutch is the perfect accessory to carry with an outfit so have velvet clutch too.

Velvet Cltuch | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion


Try Velvet in coming parties and I promise you will steal the entire spotlight!!