Everybody wants to be stylish whether a man or a woman and want to get the glimpse of the opposite gender. So I was just wondering why not share some tips so that every person can become stylish without any efforts and can attract their love. And here I am with some tips to look effortlessly stylish.

Pick The Right Cloth

Choose the appropriate outfit that suits your body type and is comfortable too. Color combination and the way you carry your outfit should simple and sweet. Don’t go for a bulky look, it will destroy your appearance in a very crummy way.

Pick The Right Cloth | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Emphasize the accessories

Accessories should flaunt your personality so I will suggest you to go for Watch, earrings, rings or simple pendants. Again this is for women. Men can wear a wristband or watch. Even watch is enough for them to flaunt their charisma.

Emphasize the accessories | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Never Neglect Hair

Hair should be well styled. Go for the hairstyle that suits your face. Women can go for braids, bun or simply open hair. And men you don’t have more choice so go for your suitable haircut according to your face-cut and style your hair and use gel to set your hairstyle for a long time.

Never Neglect Hair | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Use Minimal Makeup

Well, ladies can use makeup but what about men so in makeup I will suggest them to go for beards and shades. It’s enough for them to look stunning. And ladies you should use the little makeup. Concealer, kajal, lip balm is enough for a casual look.

Use Minimal Makeup | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Don’t Neglect The Body Odor

To be very honest, every person sweats so odor is a bit obvious. So use deodorants or even perfume to hide the body odor. Actually, I will insist for mild perfume/deodorant. It will make you smell fresh whole day and will also soothe the other person passing by you.

Don’t Neglect The Body Odor | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Let Footwear Define Your Class

The first thing person admire in your personality is the footwear. If you are dressed from top to bottom with full style and not matching footwear then you are gone. Your impression is gone to Zero. So go for matching shoes/heels which enhance you whole your personality in a better way.

Let Footwear Define Your Class | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Confidence Speaks Lot

Yes, this is the major part in emphasizing your style. So be confident in whatever you are wearing. If you are not comfortable in the outfit then also showcase yourself with confidence. This will enhance your charm.

Confidence Speaks Lot | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

So try these simple tips and look effortlessly stylish!