Pleats and frills are always loved by everyone. Even I love pleats very much that whenever I see the frilly outfits, I can’t stop myself from buying them. But the pleats sometime appear to be very confusing that what kind of pleats we should buy that suits on us. On that note, I just think of sharing our beloved pleats’ various kinds.

Accordion Pleats

Accordion Pleats are the narrow most folds of the garment that are made out of lightweight fabrics. This is well suited for Bottom wear, especially Skirts. When comes to styling, these can be style along with maxi dresses, long or a short skirt and can be worn as a casuals or formals.

Accordion Pleats | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Knife Pleats

Knife pleats are made on 3:1 ratio which means that the pleat is 3 inches of fabric gathered into an inch of a pleat. We can wear them in casual wears like knee length skirts, Tea length dresses and combining with flared top or shirt will give you a stunning look.

Knife pleats | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Box Pleats

Box pleats are same as knife pleats but have bulky and broad pleats. Remember our school uniforms, the tunics were the box pleated tunics. Try these pleats on solid colors. This enhances the pleats and hence enhances your charm.

Box pleats | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Honeycomb Pleats

Honeycomb is narrow and rolled up pleats which give you the exotic appearance and mostly used in designer pieces. Combine this pleat outfit with little makeup and this will give you the look of an appealing queen.

Honeycomb pleats | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Organ Pleats

As the name suggests, organ pleats resemble pipes. These pleats are basically parallel rows of soft round pleats towards the end. These pleats are mostly shown in gowns. Starting from the waist and falling on the ground, it adds an extra charm to your look and makes you statuesque.

Organ pleats | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion


Hope, now you have the idea about the different kinds of pleats. Now wear these pleated outfits on any occasion and look like a diva!