Today is 23rd December and tomorrow will be the Christmas eve. Lots of plans for this eve…Right? Well, you’ve almost done the planning part and now you are waiting for the eve to make people stuck their eyes on you. But sometimes at the very moment, you forget something which might prove a disaster and will ruin your look. So to make this disaster not to happen, I’ve something for you.  Just have a look and then you are all set to steal the limelight in the Christmas eve.

Match Your Outfit With Theme

Yes, your outfit should define the theme of Christmas. If it’s a theme party then make your outfit suitable for the theme and if it’s not the theme party then I will suggest you go for the Red color gown or tea-length dress as red is the by default theme of Christmas.

Match Your Outfit With Theme | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion


Go for less and smudge-proof makeup. Just apply concealer, eyeliner, eyeshadow (you can go for smudgy eyes also) and yes lipstick too. Red lipstick will do wonders.


Yes, we often forget the nailpaints but to flaunt your hands, nailpaint is necessary. So go for simple red nailpaint or make the nailart which takes less time and will make your nails look beautiful.


As you all know that accessories play an important role in defining your glam look so keep in mind that mix and match your accessories in a pleasing way. Don’t hype the accessories. Simple pendant, bracelet, and earrings will do the favors.


Well, coming to hairstyle then I prefer bun hairstyle over the gown/dress as it flaunts your neck and back (if the dress is backless 😉 ) So go for a bun hairstyle. You can also accessorize the bun with an elegant hairpin.

Hairstyle | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion


Wear the matching stiletto, pumps, or flats too whatever in which you are comfortable.


Yes, don’t forget the clutch. Take the golden, silver or shiny black clutch. All the three color will go with your outfit. So choose your clutch from these colors and your look is complete now!

Clutch | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion



So keep these things in your mind and trust me, you will look just BEAUTIFUL!!

Merry Christmas 🙂