Winter and foot connection is very common. Whenever winter arrives, our feet start getting dull and dry which ultimately results in cracks and bleed. These cracked and painful heels are the biggest nightmare of every woman. Honestly speaking, my biggest nightmare is cracked feet as I love my feet so much and I care for them a lot because I don’t want them to look bad. And I know you also don’t want bad feet, especially in winter. So I’m going to tell you the tips that I do to cure my feet from winter harassment.

Cracked Feet | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion
The guide of taking care of feet in winter is as follows:


Squeeze one lemon in half bucket of warm water and put your feet for about 10-15 minutes. Then use soft foot brush and scrub your dead skin.



After soaking, dry out your feet with soft cotton cloth and gently apply a foot moisturizer. Even Vaseline does lots of wonders.

Moisturize| Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Oil Massage

You can use any of vegetable oil, coconut oil or even sesame oil to massage your foot. Gently massage your heels, wear socks and go to sleep.


Drink Water

Yes, drinking water helps a lot in dealing with cracked feet.


Last but not the least, don’t roam bare footed. Wear any footwear to prevent your feet from cracking.




If you follow these tips then I’m sure you’ll gain soft feet. But do prevent them from recurring by the daily care of your feet.


Hope you like the tips. Have a good day.

Take care and enjoy winter! 🙂