In winter, we love to wear cozy and fuzzy sweaters but the furs of the sweater sheds and gets on everything from our couch to our black trouser which is very irritating and looks so bad. We are wearing an Angora sweater not a pet that keeps shedding the fur here and there… I just hate this shedding… So annoying!!

If you are also facing the same problem then try this simple trick to prevent shedding of your Angora sweater.

  • Seal Your Sweater in the Ziplock Bag.
  • Put this ziplocked bag into the freezer overnight.


The coldness locks the fibers and prevents them from shedding. Now you are all set to wear this sweater and dazzle the winter.

I’ve tried many times and it really works. So give it a try and prevent the sweater from shedding and go Fabulous with the Fabulous Flow Of Fashion 🙂

Take Care!