In the last post, I’ve written about the Causes of Dry Lips and today I’m gonna write “How to Treat Dry Lips”. As we all know that the lips must be soft and patch free always. Soft lips always gather the attention of the people and we don’t want to get rid of that attention as we girls are a little attention seeker… Aren’t we 😉 But anyway don’t worry if your lips are chapped then I am giving you some hacks to treat your dry and chapped lips.

Read these tips and treat your chapped lips and get the attention of the people again!

Hydrate Yourself

Drink lots and lots of water. Even intake plenty of fluids and water-rich food/fruits which help you to stay hydrated as dehydration is a big reason of dry lips.


Cover-up Yourself

Cover your face with the scarf when going out in chilled weather as the wind is a biggie when it comes to chapping. Covering also protects you from UV-rays.

Cover-up Yourself | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion


In case if winter makes your lips dry and they start chapping then exfoliate the dead skin of your lips as it helps you with softening your lips. After exfoliating, use lip balm to moisturize them.



Keep moisturize your lips with SPF lip balm. Keep in mind that the lip balm has a long moisturizing effect and contains negligible amount of alcohol.

Moisturize | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion


Use moisturized lipsticks. Don’t use matte lipsticks instead stick to lipsticks that have conditioners like vitamin E, macadamia oil, and Shea butter.



Turn on a humidifier at night—it helps keeps your lips and also your skin moisturized.

Humidifier | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

No Licking Please!

Don’t lick your chapped lips as licking worsens the condition. Continuous licking will also remove any natural oils you have on your lips so Strict No to licking of lip!

No Licking Please! | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion


Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin-B. Even you can take vitamin supplements. One more thing to keep in mind is that you should intake less amount of Vitamin-A.


Trying these hacks will really help you with dry lips. Even these hacks are not working then see your dermatologist.