Lips are the most sensitive part of the body. They have no oil glands which help them to keep them moisturized and become dry very quickly. Now the question arises how the lips get dry and chapped.. What are the causes of the dryness of lips? Well, There are certain factors that are responsible for the dryness of lips. The causes are as follow:

Dry and Chilled Weather

Winters are here and we all know that winter is famous for lack of humidity in air and cold breeze which is the main cause of chapped lips.

Dry and Chilled Weather | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion


Dehydration is the major cause of chapped lips. In winter, we usually drink less water due to which our body gets dehydrated resulting in chapping and cracking of lips which may result in bleeding too.

Licking Of Lips

Its our habit to lick our lips when they get dry. But soon after licking, the saliva evaporates and lips become more dry then we lick again and saliva again evaporates making the surface drier.So the cycle goes on resulting in more damage to your lips.

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In winter, the weather is chilled so we try to remain in sun to get the warmth but we forget that the UV-rays of sun destroys our lips very badly.

Lack Of Vitamin-B

Yes you heard it right, lack of some vitamins particularly Vitamin-B may cause chapped lips. Even excess consumption of vitamin-A also leads to dry lips.

Use Of Dry Lipsticks

As lipstick is an essential part in our makeup. But we forget that dry lipsticks or matte lipstick may harm our lips as removing the dry lipstick causes uneven surface and results in dryness of lips.

Use Of Dry Lipsticks | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion


Dried, chappy and cracked lips looks very bad and are very painful and may result in serious issues so be aware and take care of your lips especially in winter.