Hello Ladies,

What’s going On.. feeling cold… Well, Cold weather has arrived and so do the dry skin is knocking our doors and we all are in a mess that how we prevent our skin from becoming dry and getting the glowing and soft skin throughout the winters. So today I have come with the SIMPLEST SOLUTION to get rid of dry skin which I have tried and it is very successful. Trust me, ladies, you will thank me after reading this.. 🙂 So, Wanna see what the solution is then scroll it down and see the magic.

Glycerine +Lemon+Rose Water

Mix 20 ml of Glycerine (also referred as Glycol or Glycerol) with 40 ml of lemon juice and put some quantity of rose water in it and pour the mixture into one bottle. Now use this mixture every night before sleeping. You can apply it on your face, hands, legs, waist, stomach or anywhere wherever you want and I guarantee you will have soft and fluffy skin in 2-3 days only.

Glycerine +Lemon+Rose Water | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Isn’t it the most easiest and cheap way to get the soft skin. Try this and do reply in comment section about your unconventional soft look.

Happy winters!!