Hello Ladies,

Enjoying Winter?? 🙂 Well, I am enjoying this winter very much. And today I have brought you up with the types of footwear which you can wear in winter and feel comfortable and warm and at the same time makes your look fabulously sassy. So want to dazzle the winter then scroll down to see the types of footwear which are swanky and adds the 5th star in your personality.


Booties are usually more of a half footwear, half shoe look and function similar to shoe. It fits just at your ankle and looks awesome on any type of outfits.

Booties | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots could be from around 1 inch up from your ankle to 4 inches. You can opt for lace up boots, toned ankle boots, high heels or vintage ankle boots in this winter to dazzle your look.

Ankle Boots | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Mid – Calf Boots

These boots are extended to the mid-calf. You can try any of its varieties, leather cowboy boots, suede fringe boots, elegant lace boots or strap boots.

Mid - Calf Boots | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Knee – High Boots

Knee-High Boots are always in trend. Women love to wear them as it goes with short skirts or dresses and cover the entire leg till knee which keep them warm in chilly weather. They comes in a variety of styles and materials, from furred mukluks, to suede fringe boots, to leather cowboy boots and rubber rain boots.

Knee - High Boots | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion


These are the most comfortable footwear. Mostly used as a casual wear and provide so much warmth in winter.

Clogs | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Ugg Boots

These boots started from New Zealand and Australia and are now popular worldwide. The look Classic and sassy. So give them a try this winter.

Ugg Boots | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion


A fashionista always love pumps. Pumps vary in Booties, ankle-high pumps and also knee high pumps. So you decide which type of pumps you wanna wear in this winter and flaunt your beauty!

Pumps | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion


Go and wear these footwear and Be alluring in this Winter!!