Hello Ladies,

Chilly Winters have arrived So How’re you feeling.. Chilly!! Aaaahhhh Its very cold outside and I want to go for outing but what makeup should I wear which suits this whether…  Hell!! If I am getting this question in my mind then you also might be getting the same question. Isn’t it? I knew it you are also thinking the same. So to have an idea about what type of makeup suits this winter, you can read my previous blog ” Makeup For This Winter”. But I just thought of getting a little bit in detail of the winter proof makeup. So, I thought to start with the Eye Makeup as eyes make people fall in love  with you. So it should be well nurtured.

So what are you waiting for… To make your eyes beautiful, just scroll down!

Eye Base

Eye primer or an eye base is the basic which mostly ladies forget to apply. So apply it all over the eye area  even up to the brow bone.

Eye Base | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Eye Shadow

After applying eye primer, apply eye shadow to your eyes according to your choice. And if you will ask my point of view then choose shimmery eye shadow. It will look classic in winters.

 Eye Shadow | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion

Eye Liner and Kajal

After applying eye shadow, apply eye liner on your eye lids. This winter try brown, navy blue or dark green eye liners instead of black as it adds charm in look. If you are not comfortable with liner then you can use kajal in its place. But keep in mind, Kajal/EyeLiner should be smudge proof and water proof.



Lastly apply mascara. Apply on both sides. For perfect finishing, use support on your lashes so that mascara don’t affect your makeup. One more thing, use water proof mascara to avoid smudging.



Try these steps sequentially make your eyes speak for you. 😉

Have a Good Day!! Happy Winters!! 🙂