As winter has arrived and so do the patchy, dehydrated and dull skin is knocking our doors. This harsh weather is not providing much scope for us to showcase our skin flawlessly. This is the major concern of ladies that how we can get rid of this dull skin and dazzle in this winter. Do not worry, read below for the solution!

Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation is damn necessary for your skin as it removes the dark patches, open skin pores and makes your skin soft. In addition, it also stimulates the blood flow which gives you the glowing skin. So exfoliate your skin twice a week. Doing it once a week can also show better results.


Moisturize Your beauty

Dry Air of winters extracts moisture from your skin which results in dryness, itchiness, and redness of the skin. So moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer. Every time you wash your face immediately apply a moisturizer. Don’t forget to choose moisturizers that have petroleum based ingredients which retain their moisture in dry weather and pamper your skin well in these winters.

Moisturize Your beauty | fabulous flow of fashion

Waterify Yourself

I know we tend to drink less water in winters and switch to hot drinks like cocoa and tea but this is the major fault of ours as your skin needs hydration from the inside, out So drink little warm water 5-8 glasses daily to remain hydrated.



Never skip sunscreen in any weather. It protects us from UV rays. And in winter also while you sit outside in sun may harm your skin so have sunscreen with you. At least 30 SPF sunscreen should be there with you 24*7 all over the year!

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Overnight Moisturize

Dryer areas like hands, feet, elbows, and knees tend to lose moisture faster than other areas on the body. So soften them too in a day as well in a night before going to sleep. Overnight moisturizing helps in developing them glowingly and softening them.

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Enjoy Winters With these tips for the soft and glowing skin!


Happy Winters!!