Footwear are the essential part the people notice first in you. People decides your personality with your shoes. So shoes must be classy and swanky. But we all know that shoes are very expensive and we cannot buy much shoes as it will affect our pocket very much. Then what to do?? Should we wear any pair of footwear with any outfit… Naaaaa!!!! Then What??? HaHa I’ll Tell you.. Invest in some pair of footwear which go on with every outfit. So what you’re waiting for.. Scroll it down to see the list of footwear which suits every attire!


Pumps are loved by every lady. You can either invest in black or nude pumps. They go on with every attire. Especially black pumps as black never makes you look boring!

Black Pumps | Fabulous flow Of Fashion


We cannot wear heels every time as heels gives pain so for an alternative HAVE FLATS. Flats are comfortable and stylish too. So you must have flats in your shoe closet.


Flats | Fabulous flow Of Fashion


Sneakers basically goes with casuals but sometimes for a change you can also wear them with formals… Yes trust me they look super cool!

sneakers | Fabulous flow Of Fashion



Boots are expensive so many women don’t buy them as they think they can’t wear them with every attire but trust me ladies you can wearth em with almost all the outfits. They look fab on casuals and also on formals. I am not saying you to take all the pairs of boots but have atleast one of them: Knee boots or ankle boots or knee-high boots!

Boots | Fabulous flow Of Fashion



Don’t want to wear boots or ballets then wear sandals. They go on with every outfits and looks simple yet stylish.

Sandals | Fabulous flow Of Fashion



Have these pairs of Footwear on Any Outfit and look Fab!!