Because of busy and hectic schedule and clumsy routine we all are getting fatter and fatter day by day. This is the most common problem of almost every one around but we don’t have enough time to do heavy exercises or yoga to get that slimmer body all over again and dieting is also not good for health. So today I just have brought you up with simple tips to loose weight and that too without exercise. Just follow these tips and you will be slimmer in some time.


Drink lots and lots of water as water is the best aid for your weight loss. Even you should intake a glass of water before half an hour of your meal as this prevents you from over eating. Water also prevents wrinkles to hit your face.




Add protein in your diet. As this boost your metabolism which in turn helps in weight loss. Even if you eat eggs then add eggs in your BREAKFAST or if you don’t eat then add any source of protein for your breakfast.



Green tea

Green tea has antioxidants which enhances fat burn and you loose weight very easily that too without any pain of exercises.



Eat slowly

“Slow And Steady Win The Race”. Hence this proverb fits here too as eating slowly will cut your fat very easily.It boosts the weight reducing hormones.





Because of hectic schedule, we often skip our sleep and this is somewhere responsible for our weight gain so never ever skip your sleep. Infact take 6-8 hours of sleep daily to loose weight without exercise.



Try these hacks and loose weight without taking any load of exercise and be the slim you!!

Take care!!