Diwali is a festival of tradition so everyone goes ethnic for the Diwali. But a girl’s look is incomplete without makeup and excess of makeup looks horrible so little makeup should be there. But then the question arises that what are the essentials for a little makeup.  So today I am sharing makeup ideas for Diwali which will make you beautiful in just a few minutes.

Face Cleaning Wipes

On Diwali, you all are super busy so you don’t have much time to scrub or cleanse your face so for that you can just wipe your face with a wet tissue. It removes all your dirt and enhances your face glow.


Face Cleaning wipes | Fabulous Fow of Fashion

Complexion Care Cream (CC Cream)

After wiping your face just apply cc cream. No need to apply foundation or face powder. It only adds complexity in your life.

CC cream | Fabulous Fow of Fashion


Kajal or eyeliner is a must. Without this your look is incomplete. Since it is Diwali so you can opt for colored eyeliner/kajal but black is my personal favorite so I would suggest you black eyeliner/kajal.

Eyeline or kajal | Fabulous Fow of Fashion

Lipstick/ Lip Balm

don’t wear nude lipstick. Instead, wear the colored one. A bright color like the pink shade is a good option otherwise, you can go for any other shade also depending on your dress and face complexion.


I would definitely suggest mascara as it volumizes your lashes and makes your eyes beautiful. Don’t forget to add mascara on your lower lash too as most of the ladies forget this and hamper their look very atrociously.

Mascara | Fabulous Fow of Fashion


Well, its a traditional outfit so wear bindi too. It adds elegance to your look. If you don’t want then also its cool. and go with your look. But my personal view is bindi is a must.



So try these makeup ideas for Diwali and look graciously gorgeous!

Happy Diwali! 🙂