We girls are very fond of nail paints and want to show off our nailarts at every place. Especially the girls of college loved to flourish their nailpaint or nailart to their friend and get loads of appreciations from them. But for typical nailarts you need time and lots of efforts. So today I thought of sharing some nailarts which look superb and take less time and are easy too. So here are the nailart for the college going girls:

Go Simple With Simple One Layer Nailpaint!!

Try Some Musical Art!

An easy and simple stripes nailart to go for flaunting your nails!

Win Hearts with heart shaped nailart!!

Flourish your flowered nailart!

Polki Dots Nailart: A jazzy way to look stunning!!

Go Cute With Cute nailarts like these!

In a hurry then try 2 layered nailart!

Go for multi nailpaints and showcases your multitasking style!


Give these nailart a try and acknowledge a New You!!