We all girls love the flawless and glowing skin and for this we invest so much money on makeup products. But why waste so much money as I can give you simple tips to just get a glowing skin in 5 minutes.

Just follow these simple tips to get ready in just 5 minutes with the gorgeous face.

Cleanser: Girls you should invest in a good quality cleanser. Cleanser removes dead skin cells which hides your glow and removing it gives you the glowing look.


Toner: Use a gentle, soothing toner to remove oil and traces of dirts It will also helps in preventing acne.


Scrub: Remove dead skin cell by exfoliating. Use natural scrub as scrubbing through natural scrub like jojoba beads also prevents the damage from harsh chemicals.


Sunscreen: Use sunscreen whenever you step outside. Whether it is sun or not but still put sunscreen as it prevents the damage.



Try these simple tips and get the glowing skin in just 5 minutes!