Getting ready for a date? Well, then you must try these hairstyles as these hairstyles are loved by men a lot.

Cool Upsweep Hairstyle

Men love the woman’s neck very much so when you tie your hairs all up, they fall in love with this. So you can give it a try on your next date!

Soft Curls

Curls are loved by everyone whether a man or a woman. So just curl your hair without any fear. It will create a sweet and seducing charm.

Short Messy Hair

Messy Bob is my personal favorite. Bob Hairstyle or short messy hair with an off-shoulder top will definitely give butterflies in his stomach.

Retro Bangs

Bangs certainly capture the attention. Priyanka Chopra fascinates all of us with her bangs so just take tips from her and go for bangs.

Two Pretty Braids/Ponytails

He finds a cute you in 2 ponytails/braids. This is the simplest hairstyle that requires less time to make so you can try it whenever you are in a hurry.

Flowers In Hair

Open hair and a flower on it or a messy bun with a flower tucked in is a straight path to catch your man’s eyes.

Messy Boho Braid

The guy loves the messy hair so just give a try to a messy bohemian braid. It is stylish and yet simple to make.


It is the most glamorous hairstyle. Just be the fashion queen by trying this one.


Try these hairstyles and win his heart!!