India is known for its traditional outfits. Saree is one of them. The love for saree is very much common in our country. There is no woman at all who don’t love wearing Saree. Even men love women in saree the most. So for the sake of elegance and beautiful look, the saree is a must in the wardrobe. There are different types of sarees which a woman should own in her closet. Let’s have a look on these varieties.

Tant of West Bengal

Tant saree is made of cotton. It is light, easy to wear and have a thick border and beautiful prints which make it a must buy.


Kasavu from Kerala

Remember Sonam Kapoor in “Gal Mithi Mithi Bol” song. Yes, she has worn Kasavu saree in that song. Kasavu is characterized by a thick golden border which looks ultimate and a lady looks ravishing.


Kanjeevaram Sarees

These are the queen of sarees. Kanjeevaram sarees are made up of silk material and are rich in color. Wearing these sarees makes you very elegant, refined and graceful. Just wear little makeup with it and you are all set to bring the world on your knees!



Bandhani Sarees

The name Bandhani is basically derived from the word “Bandhan” means “tie”. It is made from tie and dye process. Rajasthan and Gujarat are famous for these sarees. These sarees are simple and yet elegant.


Banarasi Sarees

The famous Banarasi sarees are originated from Varanasi and are famous for gold and silver zari work. It not only gives you royal look but you feel very comfortable too. Must give a try to this lovely saree.


Chanderi Sarees

This saree is one of the best saree as it is made up of the mixture of silk, zari and cotton fabrics and gives you a gorgeous look. It’s sheen fabric is very stylish and mesmerizing. Nobody can take eyes of you if you are wearing this saree.


Leheriya Sarees

One of my favorite. It is just another form of bandhani saree and is originated from Rajasthan. In Rajasthan, Leheriya is worn at the time of “Teej”. A soft and magical touch of its fabric is just outshined any other saree’s feel.




One of the best works is Chikankari from Lucknow. If you want to feel the fragrance of Lucknow then go for this lovely creation. I can bet you will not regret buying this.



Have these sarees in your wardrobe and conquer the world with your ravishing beauty!!