DDLJ the most romantic movie in Bollywood is loved by the people since an era. Today it has completed 21 years and still making the heart pumps of the audience. Each and every scene of the movie creates a magic. Yash Chopra has beautifully shown the love and of course the Fashion Trend. From Western London to Traditional India, each facet has been gracefully shown by the director. Kajol has given the Fashion trend a new height. She attains both the looks very gracefully.



Let’s recreate the magic of DDLJ through talking about its fashion trends.

Western Outfits

Since the first half of the film is shot in London and Europe so western outfits are used. From gowns to minis to midis each western outfit is used in the flick.


Traditional Outfits

This is the catchiest part in the movie. The traditional outfits are shown in such a pleasant way that it soothes each and every person’s eyes. Whether they are suits, sarees, lehengas or a Bhangra dress. Each attire is chosen very elegantly and undoubtedly Kajol looks her best in every outfit.


So just go and watch the movie again to pay the tribute to this wonderful movie of all time. And do watch the outfits this time and fall in love with the movie all over again!