Makeup flaunts your external beauty. But doing makeup on a daily basis harms your skin and you’ll result in a patchy, uneven and wrinkled skin. Now there is a mess in your mind that how will I look beautiful without using makeup. Don’t worry. I will help you in flaunting your beauty with no makeup. Just scroll down!



Put the sunscreen whenever you step out. It will not only protect you from the UV rays but also help with the nourishment of the skin. Just use the sunscreen which is dermatologically tested.

CC Cream


Complexion care cream or simply the CC cream is one of the best cosmetic product I have ever used. It conceals all blemishes and pimples and makes your skin radiant. But don’t forget to choose the right shade of cream. If you don’t want the sunscreen to put on then you can buy CC cream with sunscreen. It will do the combo of both products.



Girls are very fond of kajal so just apply it and you are all set to go. Remember to have a kajal which is smudge proof. You can also use colored kajal for a different look.

Lip Balm


Bare lips don’t look good so complete your look with lip balm. Go for the lip balms with SPF ( Sun Protecting Factor) as it will save your lips from the damage of UV lights.


This is it. Be a fashionista  using these tips!!

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