Every lady wants to be a fashionista but lacks due to certain reasons. The reasons could be anything like the correct pair of an outfit, matching accessories or makeup. Managing everything at the same time is quite freaky. Due to this, you lack in the race of fashionistas. But don’t worry, I will tell you just the simple tricks to manage your outfit, makeup, hair, accessories all at the same time. You just have to follow these steps and you will become the queen of fashion!

Look Like A Fashionista | Fabulous Flow Of Fashion
Let’s start the game of fabulous flow of fashion!


Outfits define your personality. So your attire should define you. I mean choose your clothes according to your body shape. If you are lean then don’t go for skinny costumes and if you are bulky then don’t go for fluffy material.



Makeup is rather not important but still, little things which highlight your look should be there like just apple Kajal or eyeliner, a little bit of lip-gloss of lip balm, and concealer. These are a must items for attaining a glowing and beautiful skin. Try to get a good brand of makeup kit as it directly affects your skin.



Choose the hairstyle which suits your face and your attire too. Some hairstyle go with every attire so you can go for those. For example you can go for open hair, side ponytail, messy bun, fish braid hairstyle or a bohemian braid. these all will make you look gorgeous and are easy to make hairstyles. So try these to flaunt your persona.



The first thing the people notice in you is footwear so never ever wear the footwear which does not go with your outfit. People do this mistake every time thinking who is looking at your footwear but you are wrong. 90% of people first take a glance at your footwear to study your personality. So match your footwear with your outfit to get good impression.



This is also the major part which helps you in flaunting your charm. Scarf, handbag, glasses, jewelry all comes in accessories so try these accessories for catching the eyes of everyone but don’t go for overloaded ornaments. Simple and sweet can work more.


So this is it! Β Try these hacks and get the crowd’s attention. But don’t forget to tell me about your experience. If have any query then please contact from Contact Us page!

Enjoy Reading!!